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2020.6 (invited lecture)
11th International Conference on Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines (ICPP-11, Buffalo, NY, USA)


2019.11 (invited lecture)
Tateshina Conference (Japan)

2019.9.29 (invited lecture)
5th Erlangen Symposium on Synthetic Carbon Allotropes (Erlangen, Germany)

2019.9.8 (invited lecture)
17th European Symposium on Organic Reactivity (ESOR2019, Dobrovnik, Croatia)

2019.9.2 (invited lecture)
62 Zjazd Naukowy Polskiego Towarzystwa Chemicznego (Warszawa, Poland)

2019.7.21 (invited lecture)
International Symposium on Novel Aromatics (ISNA 18, Sapporo, Japan)

2019.7.20 (invited lecture)
ITbM-GTR Pre-ISNA Toward Advanced Functions from New pi-Skeletons (Nagoya, Japan)

2019.7.14 (invited lecture)
European Symposium of Organic Chemistry (ESOC2019, Vienna, Austria)

2019.7.2 (invited lecture)
International Workshop on Chemistry and Applications of Organic Chromophores (Cardiff, Wales, UK)

2019.4.25 (invited lecture)
Workshop on Progress in Nanotechnology and Optoelectronics (Łodź, Poland)


2018.12.17 (invited lecture)
10th Singapore International Chemistry Conference (SICC-10, Singapore)

2018.11.15 (award lecture)
Universität Würzburg (Würzburg, Germany)

2018.11.14 (award lecture)
Universität Freiburg (Freiburg i. B., Germany)

2018.11.12 (award lecture)
Universität Kiel (Kiel, Germany)

2018.11.8 (award lecture)
Universität Ulm (Ulm, Germany)

2018.11.7 (award lecture)
Universität Bonn (Bonn, Germany)

2018.11.6 (award lecture)
Max-Planck-Institut für Polymerforschung (MPIP, Mainz, Germany)

2018.10.16 (invited lecture)
11th Korea–Poland Joint Symposium on Organic Chemistry (Pohang, South Korea)

2018.10.9 (invited lecture)
Universität Zürich (UZH, Zürich, Switzerland)

2018.9.6 (invited lecture)
Third International Symposium on the Synthesis and Application of Curved Organic π-Molecules & Materials (CURO-π³, University of Oxford, UK)

2018.9.4 (invited lecture)
University of Bath (Bath, UK)

2018.5.16 (invited lecture)
German-Polish-Baltic Conference on Organic Chemistry (Hamburg−Blankenese, Germany)

2018.4.11 (invited lecture)
XI Ogólnopolskie Sympozjum Chemii Organicznej (XI OSCO, Warszawa, Poland)


2017.9.5 (invited lecture)
Justus Liebig Universität Gießen (Gießen, Germany)

2017.9.4 (invited lecture)
CNC Young Investigator Seminar Series (Universität Würzburg)

2017.8.30 (plenary lecture)
Conjugated Oligomers and Polymers. New Horizons in Functional π-Systems (KOPO 2017, Bad Honnef, Germany)

2017.7.25 (contributed lecture)
17th International Symposium on Novel Aromatics (ISNA 2017, Stony Brook, USA)

2017.6.19 (invited lecture)
International Symposium on Reactive Intermediates and Unusual Molecules (ISRIUM, Sorrento, Italy)

2017.5.5 (invited lecture)
Uniwersytet Adama Mickiewicza (UAM, Poznań, Poland)


2016.10.13 (invited lecture)
Polish-German Conference on Organic Chemistry (Warszawa, Poland)

2016.9.14 (invited lecture)
2nd International Symposium on the Synthesis and Application of Curved Organic π-Molecules & Materials (CURO-π II, Eguene, OR, USA)

2016.5.9 (invited lecture)
10th Poland-Korea Joint Organic Chemistry Conference (Warszawa, Poland)

2016.4.21 (invited lecture)
Politechnika Wrocławska (Wrocław, Poland)

2016.3.29 (invited lecture)
ETH Zürich (Zürich, Switzerland)


2015.7 (contributed lecture)
16th International Symposium on Novel Aromatic Compounds (ISNA 16, Madrid, Spain)


2014.11.6 (invited lecture)
9th Poland–Korea Joint Conference on Organic Chemistry (Jeju Island, South Korea)

2014.9.17 (invited lecture)
Molecular Complexity in Modern Chemistry (MCMC-2014, Moscow, Russia)


2013.10.24 (invited lecture)
π-Space (IMS, Okazaki, Japan)